Unforgetable New Year´s Eve in Kabul

Autor: major Karel Navrátil, pověřený tiskový a informační důstojník českého kontingentu v Kábulu

Soldiers of the Czech contingent gathered for a ceremony held on 31st December 2010 at 11 a.m. Kabul time.

Acting commander Major Josef Nejedly handed them over medals of the Czech ISAF Task Force and read orders promoting several soldiers to higher ranks.

„The end of year calls for balancing, and I can say we have accomplished a huge piece of work for which all of you deserve a great thank,“ Task Force commander says. „We are here for more than seven months and our mission is coming to its end. But what is still ahead is the proper transfer of all tasks and handover of material to personnel of the 2nd Contingent of the Task Force, who are arriving in upcoming days. Now I have only one wish for all of us, and that is to gather at Pardubice at the arrival ceremony in good health and same composition on 28th January,“ Major Nejedly insists.

At present the Task Force in Kabul consists of personnel of the National Support Element, Military Police, Chemical Unit, AMT Unit training Afghan helicopter pilots, and Czech soldiers serving within ISAF command structures.

During meeting their operational task the NSE personnel assisted in transportation of 1730 persons and 390 tons of various material from the Czech Republic to Kabul and back. We have accommodated 590 persons and made more than a hundred of various repairs.

From local contractors we have made hundreds of purchases, the Military Police left the base twice a day in average, which took more that 14,500 kilometres driven along the Kabul agglomeration. A doctor-practitioner, who is a member of the Chemical Unit and back in the Czech Republic serves in the Central Military Health Institute, attended 320 patients.

Personnel of the Czech military Task Force in Kabul participated also in support of visits of the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs in July, Minister of Defence together with Deputies of the Parliament in November and the Chief of the General Staff of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic who was accompanied by Archbishop Dominik Duka during their visit to Afghanistan in December last year.

The demanding mission of the present contingent will be accomplished in mid January 2011.

Posted: January 4, 2011