Two recent operations in Wardak lasted twenty two days

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

"OMID" and "HONEY BADGER", two search and patrol operations successfully carried out by soldiers of the 4th Czech OMLT unit in Wardak with their Afghan and American colleagues, took 22 days in total.

The operations followed right after each other so it was not practical for Czechs to return to their home base at Soltan Kheyl in Wardak. Soldiers went through the assigned area and searched for illegaly kept weapons, ammunition and explosives in an effort to minimize insurgents' activites in the region. "Taking insurgents into custody, and confiscation of weapons have become our almost daily routine," Major Martin Hajduch, Chief of Staff of the unit, says.

The primary task of Czech OMLT personnel is to mentor Afghan soldiers, train, and prepare them for being capable to maintain security and order within the area of responsibility on their own, without assistance of foreign mentors.

The mentoring of Afghan soldiers starts from basic training of individuals and continues to practical teaching of the Afghan unit's staff to plan operations, reconnaissance and response to insurgents’s attacks, as well as the use of various evacuation types. Selected Afghan teams participate in combat operations together with Czechs and Americans.

After returning back to Soltan Kheyl base, several Czech soldiers have received American decorations of the Combat Infantryman Badge and the Combat Medical Badge for their active participation in combat and success in clashes with insurgents. Lieutenant Colonel Robert M. Horney, commander of US units in the Wardak Province, handed over the decorations in person, and thanked Czechs for their contribution in supporting safe and secure environment in this part of Afghanistan.

Posted: July 9, 2012