The last KFOR rotation passed the CREVAL

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Ninety nine soldiers of the upcoming last Czech rotation for KFOR mission in Kosovo have accomplished the Combat Readiness Evaluation at the south Bohemian military training area Boletice.

The CREVAL was performed by a commission of the Support Forces. The eleven-member commission examined and evaluated the readiness of the staff and personnel of the Czech Task Forces who will move to the Sajkovac Base in north-eastern part of Kosovo between 13 - 15 June. Their readiness has proved excellent.

The major task of this last rotation is to provide for transportation of all remaining equipment of the Czech military back to the country, to close down the Base and hand the area terrain over to the local Kosovar authorities.

The Czech military have served at the Sajkovac Base within KFOR peacekeeping force in Kosovo since 1999 where to more than eight thousand soldiers have rotated. The Czech presence in Kosovo will come to its end by this October.

Posted: June 7, 2011