The last 2nd OMLT operation in Afghanistan

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

"Even though I know your deployment here is coming to the end I must ask you to participate in a joint security operation in Kuz Jandjay village," says Lieutenant Colonel Muhamad Nadir, commander of the 6th Kandak, Afghan National Army, and continues with explanation of the operation to commanders of the Czech 2nd Unit of the Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team serving in Afghan Province of Wardak.

The goal of a joint security operation of Afghan, American and Czech military detachments in villages of Kuz Janday and possibly of Bar Jang is the search for wanted persons and hideouts with weapons and material used to make improvised explosive devices. It is necessary to destroy the found material and by that to eliminate insurgent activities in the area, avert attacks and provide free movement along the "Ohio" road.

The operation planned for 36 hours reflected the radically worsen security situation. Insurgents often attack logistic convoys on the "Ohio" road and plant an increased number of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The movement of cover and support units to isolate the village were realised during night. The main forces moved to the area before dawn by a combined way. The last part of movement was a four-mile march in open mountain terrain with a full wear and gear. Soldiers were supported by Czech air and fire controllers from the joint Czech-American operations centre.

The arrival of forces into the village was fast and surprising including quick engagement of blocking positions. Commanders soon contacted the local mulla, who is a religious representative of the village, and the elders, and informed them about reasons for the entry.

The search and scour in objects and areas resulted in the find of weapons, material for IEDs, vehicles, and also a wanted person was captured. The successful operation helped improve security situation both for villagers and allied forces serving within ISAF operation. "Mentors, thank you for your professional approach and support during our last joint operation,“ Lieutenant Colonel Muhamad Nadir said later during evaluation of the action.

The 2nd Unit of Czech OMLT, which lost one of its members during a six-month deployment, will soon rotate and the 3rd Unit will take its place in the Province of Wardak.

Posted: October 9, 2011