The defence dialogue with USA is of above-standard quality

The meeting, held in the House of the Army in Prague on 22nd September, confirmed above-standard relations in defence attitudes between representatives of Czech Ministry of Defence and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Besides officials of the U.S. Embassy to the Czech Republic and other U.S. guests, the meeting was also attended by James Townsend from the U.S. Department of Defense.

The Czech delegation was led by Jan Jires, Director of the Defence Policy Department at the Defence Policy and Strategy Division of MoD, and the General Staff was represented by Major General Jaromir Zuna, Director of the Support Division.

The dialogue goes on for eight years

“The Czech-American political dialogue, contributing to solving security issues, has continued at different levels for eight years already,“ said Director Jires, adding that talks are being held each year. Today’s meeting was convened at a level of ministerial political directors.

“As usually, we will discuss both multilateral and bilateral topics. There are no problematic issues to be solved in the bilateral area. The cooperation at the level of military-to-military has run very well. American soldiers have often participated in international exercises in our region where also our troops are engaged. Czech soldiers meet with Americans in foreign missions as well, and, in fact, we discuss the bilateral cooperation on a daily bases,” said Director Jires.

He has alluded also to the fact, the public is well aware of which, that the Czech Republic grants permission to American party to fly their military aircraft over its territory or agrees with ground movements of military convoys. Director Jires believes that solving these issues will gain importance together with strengthening of the NATO north-east wing.

Stronger Alliance’s presence in the east

“Speaking about multilateral topics, there is a number of open issues which we solve at the NATO level. It means that we discuss the potential future defence architecture of NATO presence in the north-east of Europe. It is about how to implement individual initiatives and instruments,” said Jires, and added that all should go according to conclusions of the Warsaw Summit from this summer.

He made a remark that the common aim of the Czech Republic and USA is the development of overall framework for creation of joint architecture in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Director Jires pointed out that there were only few countries with which we maintain so open and above-standard dialogue, and the United States of America is the most important ally for us. Also therefore the working meeting was called the ‘Czech-U.S. High Level Defense Group’.

By Miroslav Sindelar and Oldrich Holecek

September 23, 2016