The Contractual Party never stops!

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

The National Support Element of the 8th ACR TASK FORCE in Kabul ensures comprehensive support to all Czech units deployed in Afghanistan. This so-called Contractual Party plays an important role in providing units with all the necessary requirements under local conditions. Although much of the required material can be shipped and delivered from home, immediate requests for goods and services may mean urgent acquisition locally.

The Contractual Party resolves a wide spectrum of immediate problems, daily, along with pre-planned acquision tasks. "The priority is, of course, perfect timing, without which the units would soon be overcome. Numerous tasks are planned well in advance. However, occasionally, when on the point of carrying out a specific plan, there may be a last minute hitch which needs to be rectified," explained the Daily Routine Major Miroslav D. Repairs, maintenance, procurement of small-scale material, short-time rental of equipment, etc. are the major tasks of the Party.

Aside from some direct work with staff, the services of the Contractual Party lies mainly in terrain work, both inside the KAIA camp, and its perimeter. The sole female member of the Contractual Party, First Lieutenant Katerina H., describes the wide range of duties that must be carried out before either any ”piece of a spare part“ or a “large volume of services“ is delivered to its proper destination. “Firstly, the request documentation. Is the item available nearby or at another storage area? Would it be more economical to order it from home? Next, the progress of the official request; public tender specifications, followed by long talks with potential contractors or providers,“ added the mother of two daughters who is serving abroad for the second time.

Once everything is prepared, members of the Party leave the Base, or may only go to the gate, fully armed of course, to meet a provider or receive particular items.

“During the winter and summer months, we spend a lot of time outside overseeing the work of the local personnel, and there are security measures that must continually be observed here,“ says Lieutenant Colonel Rajmund O.

So, thanks to the busy-bee work of the Czech Contractual Party, the entire ISAF Czech Task Force can fulfil its tasks effectively, and on time.

March 25, 2014