The 4th brigade opens "Exercise Reliable Sword 2014" in the Netherlands with a mass parachute jump

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

On the 5th May, the Brigade Task Force based on the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade kicked off the “Reliable Sword 2014“ exercise at the The Air Operations Control Station at Nieuw-Milligen in the Netherlands with a mass parachute jump. It was the first international exercise this year; with the participation of more than four thousand soldiers from 14 nations.

The mass jump of 45 Czech and 22 Dutch paratroopers took place at the memorial site of Ginkelse Heide where parachutists were dropped as part of the allied operation, Market Garden, in September 1944.

The Czech and Dutch soldiers were transported by two CASA aircraft from the 24th Air Transportation Base, at Kbely, Prague. The 400 metres jump was preceded by a retraining and practising exercise for the Dutch jumpers in the use of a new type of parachute, the OVP 12, at Chrudim, the home of the 43rd Airborne Battalion of the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade.

The exercise, which will continue until 23rd May, is being organised by the 1st German-Dutch Corps. The Czech Brigade Task Force is commanded by Colonel Miroslav Hlavac, Commander of the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade.

"For the 4th brigade, this exercise is the final training and coordination of staff procedures of the Task Force before the command post exercise with partial deployment of troops this June," said Colonel Hlavac, and added "It is also in preparation for the units confirmed to be part of the NATO Response Force in 2015, and it represents the culmination of the 4th brigade’s training, and demonstrates its full operational capability which is expected this year. The build-up of the Task Force is the major ambition of the Czech Armed Forces within allied military cooperation," confirmed also Colonel Hlavac.

May 14, 2014