Thanks to Pandur, Czech companies received orders for almost 6 billion

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

New orders for Czech industry reaching 5.905 billion Czech Crowns brought an industrial cooperation programme. The agreement for its implementation was part of the contract for supply of wheeled armoured carriers Pandur for the Czech military.

The agreement on implementation of direct and indirect offset programmes for the Czech industry signed the Ministry of Defence with the supplier, Defendia CZ company, on 13 March 2009. The manufacturer, Steyr company, did confirm in the agreement to provide orders for Czech companies amounting to 5.445 billion Czech Crowns before 31 December 2012, that is in the first phase of the offsets.

But two years before the deadline of the agreement, the Steyr company managed to negotiate new, mosty export, deals for Czech business entities for amount, which exceeds the agreed sum by a half billion Crowns, that is up to 5,905 billion. "The supplier, within regular evaluation of the offset programme, gave verifiable evidence it had met its obligation already before 31 December 2010," Jiri Stabl from the Press Section of Czech MoD says.

Direct offsets, that is programmes directly connected with production of the carriers, have brought more than a billion Czech Crowns to the Czech industry. „As far as the implementation of these programmes is concerned, there are first of all VOP-026 Sternberk company, which produces the Pandurs, E-COM company, which develops simulation and training centres, or Meopta company with its supplies of optical instruments,“ Pavel Bulant, Director of the Armaments Division of MoD, says.

And the indirect offset programmes have brought orders for the Czech industry amounting to 4.892 billion Czech Crowns. Among others, CKD Kutna Hora or Siemens, Rail Vehicles, companies are taking part in the programmes.

Posted: October 16, 2011