Substantial movement of artillery as convoy reaches a dozen kilometres

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

Key personnel of the 131st Artillery Battalion last week conducted a tactical movement, 65-kilometre from their base in Jince, to a firing range at the Military Training Area in Brdy, to carry out live firing exercises with the self-propelled howitzer guns, DANA; their first this year.

The Commander of the 131st Artillery Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Louda, set in motion the convoy of 105 vehicles with 325 soldiers in the early morning of Monday, 31st March.

"The movement, carried out as a tactical scenario, meant that the convoy was organised into six battery lines with specific combat orders, along with support vehicles in each line in order to minimise damage in case of an attack. The movement included planned stops for inspections, maintenance and tactical procedures, such as refuelling, and also for refreshment breaks," explained Lieutenant Colonel Jiri Kyvala, Deputy Commander of the 13th Artillery Regiment.

The advance party was the first to set off, followed by two 30-ton self-propelled howitzer guns, 152 mm, type 77.

"Each convoy driver had to maintain a 50-metre distance from the other vehicle, and although the speed was just 25 kilometres per hour, the movement required a great deal of concentration and perfect cooperation with the vehicle commander who maintained radio contact with his superiors-in-command," said Corporal Daniel Ruckl, the driver of a UAZ.

The convoy successfully reached the Zadni Bahna firing range in Brdy by 6 p.m.

This huge artillery movement will be repeated again this May, when the entire 13th Artillery Regiment will conduct a similar tactical exercise.

April 9, 2014