Strakonice air defence troops take control of Doupov air space during missile launch practice

Soldiers from the 252nd battalion, 25th Air Defence Missile Regiment, based at Strakonice, this week completed their annual live-fire combat exercise at the Hradiste (Doupov) Military Training Area after firing off five dozen missiles.

As with other combat activities, launching missiles does not just mean pulling the trigger; it also requires close cooperation and excellent coordination with other units primarily responsible for providing technical support. One team will launch and control the missiles, and track targets, while other teams evaluate the success or failure of the missile in reaching its target.

Air defence personnel practised day and night live-firing from the Strela-2M portable, shoulder-fired, low-altitude surface-to-air missile system and the S-10M2D self-propelled SAM launching vehicles, targeting signal flares, infra-red radiation emitters towed by drones, and other targets.

The director of the exercise, Major Petr Reznicek, who was in charge of issuing orders and ensuring all procedures and policies were correctly adhered to, took some time off to explain that this type of exercise is the highest level of training, and prepares and ensures operational capability and combat readiness of personnel across a wide range of combat systems and scenarios.

On completion of the exercise, the soldiers were pleased and proud to welcome Lieutenant General Ales Opata, Chief of the General Staff, who congratulated them on their excellent performance, followed by a discussion on the future development of their unit.

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By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

June 27, 2018