Specialised hospital to get back-up personnel from Active Reserve Force

The Biological Defence Centre in Techonin held another Open Day last week to attract members of the public interested in working as reserve personnel.

Major building of the Biological Defence Centre in Techonin
Major building of the Biological Defence Centre in Techonin

It was an exceptional opportunity for the public to attend the Open Day as the Centre is not normally open to the public. Thirty-one new recruits to the Active Reserve Force were also present having just received their basic military training in Vyskov.

Although the Active Reserve unit in Techonin was only established in July this year, its activities have already attracted a considerable number of interested civilians with experience in medical-related fields.

The Open Door Day programme included not only a drop-in specialised research centre, consulting rooms, intensive care units, but also a backdrop of a hospital which concentrates exclusively on the treatment of highly contagious diseases.

The newcomers had discussions with reservists who had previously participated in joint training exercises with professionals from the bio-hazard facility of the Czech military. Their talks mainly covered practical issues, such as the various hospital services, time and commitment requirements, and the level of medical knowledge necessary to be accepted by the Centre.

The Centre still needs 44 reservists to cover the planned number of 135 jobs being created.

“The reservists’ placements have been predetermined; they will work in the infectious disease hospital at the Centre, complement the core professional team, or stand-in for the medical personnel in the event of the hospital services being activated,” said Captain Tomas Groger, Chief Officer and Reservists Coordinator of the Centre.

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By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

October 27, 2017