Special Forces Task Force safely back home from Afghanistan

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

A hundred of 2nd Task Force soldiers, who returned from a six-month deployment in Afghan province of Nangarhar in June, gathered together with their family members at their home town Prostejov Community Centre to receive awards for excellent service, from highest representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff.

Training of a partner Afghan unit and elimination of illegal drug trafficking – these were the major duties of Special Forces Task Force during their one-year deployment in Afghanistan under the direct ISAF command. Soldiers of the second rotation, who returned home on 29 June 2012, managed to confiscate almost a ton of hashish and other drugs. They have also freed a number of hostages, including children, and they have been executing a range of other special operations.

Minister of Defence Alexandr Vondra, his deputy Michael Hrbata, Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Petr Pavel, other Generals and guests came to Prostejov to welcome and award the elite soldiers of the Czech military. Also His Excellency Mohammad Kabir Farahi, Ambassador of Afghanistan to the Czech Republic, attended the ceremony.

“While at other units people speak about achieving excellent results, they are the pure standard at this unit. I wish you to keep working the same way as so far. I thank you for everything you have done in performing the assigned tasks. You are the inspiration for the rest of the military,“ General Pavel said.


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Posted: July 16, 2012