Soldiers monitor radiation at 17 stations daily

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Monitoring the radiation level is a daily task of the 314th Weapons of Mass Destruction Warning Centre located at Hostivice-Brve west of Prague. Personnel of the Centre welcome delegation of Azerbaijan Armed Forces headed by Colonel Hijran Rustamzade.

The unique 314th Centre serves not only to the military. It passes the information on the current radiation situation at specific military installations to the State Office for Nuclear Safety at Prague, which runs the Czech Radiation Monitoring Network.

„Within the Czech military, the 314th Centre is the major workplace to collect relevant information from 17 radiation measuring probes located at military garrisons over the Czech Republic,“ Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Masek, commander of the Centre, explains to Azerbaijani delegation headed by Colonel Hirjan Rustamzade, Chief of the Chemical Corps of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces.

„Personnel here analyse the information and develop a daily report for the Joint Operation Centre of the Ministry of Defence, which, in case of a crisis situation, activates military elements to deal with respective threats,“ Masek adds.

Military measuring probes are part of a nation-wide network of 80 probes. „The probes are highly sensitive, they detected also even minor increase in radiation levels in the aftermath of Japanese Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster,“ Masek says.

Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Kubicek of the Brigade HQ briefed Azerbaijani guests on major tasks, capabilities and structure of the 31st Brigade of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection. He mentioned experience which its personnel learned on foreign missions, during cooperation with the Czech Integrated Rescue System and from service in favour of the NATO Response Force.

Major Radek Kupka presented tasks of the Biological Defence Centre located at Techonin, which is run by the Central Military Health Institute.

Colonel Rustamzade thanked for detailed information which gave him a complete picture about radiation, chemical and biological protection within the Czech military. He mentioned also new trends in equipping chemical troops enabling them to increase their capabilities.

During the stay of the delegation in the Czech Republic, guests also visited Institute for Protection against Mass Destruction Weapons at the University of Defence in Brno, and a section of chemical troops at the Military Academy at Vyskov.

Posted: October 23, 2011