Slimmer but strong

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

The Czech military will be slimmer from the beginning of 2014 but still strong. New organisational and command structures will enable the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic to focus on training for defence of this country in close cooperation with other NATO members.

New adminstrative commands of the Land Forces and Air Force will replace from 2014 present operational tactical commands of the Joint Forces and Support Forces. Several newly formed agencies will be in charge of military logistics, medical care, communication and information systems, and personnel affairs. The Ministry of Defence and the General Staff will be slimmer, with downsizing both civilian and military personnel.

New organisation and changes will keep present capabilities of the Czech military even without the level of middle command and management structures. The General Staff will be empowered with direct command functions to use them in specific situations only.

The Czech military will focus on their major mission to ensure sovereignty of the country, and security of its citizens, by intesive and effective training both at home and in cooperation with allied armed forces. No major deployment of Czech forces on foreign operations is planned for years to come.

The planned restructuring of the Czech military has been caused by considerable cuts in funding of the Czech defence department. “Just in last five years, the defence budget was decreased from 55 to 42 billion Czech Crowns,“ Minister Vondra says adding that the Czech military will be slimmer and strong in future.

This is the general outcome of the Command Meeting of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic held at the Defence Ministry on 6 November 2012. Chief of the General Staff of ACR Lieutenant General Petr Pavel, President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus, and Minister of Defence Alexandr Vondra delivered key speeches at the Meeting. The top level command meetings are held at the Defence Ministry once a year.

Posted: November 12, 2012