SHARP LYNX 2014 - Multi-National Military Police exercise back in the Czech Republic

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

After five years, the NATO MNMPBAT (Multinational Military Police Battalion) returns to the Czech Republic to determine its capabilities during the Command Field Exercise (CFX).

Military Police personnel from Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic congregated at the Military Academy in Vyskov where the SHARP LYNX 2014 exercise began shortly after the transfer of authority (TOA) ceremony on 25th September. A shooting competition was scheduled for MP units and reservists, before the exercise itself. The competition was held in cooperation with the Police School of the Ministry of Interior at its shooting range in Holesov.


The scenario took place in a fictional country in central Europe named Tribunad where, in accordance with UN resolution, the NATO Multi-National Military Police Battalion (MNMPBAT) fulfilled its tasks as part of TRASFOR operational forces which was deployed by the Multi-National North-East Division command, and is based in Szczecin, Poland.

For up to one hundred trainees, different scenarios were prepared in order to test the ability of the staff to respond to threats, and plan adequate operations in real time. Tasks were carried out, both in virtual reality simulations at the Simulation Technologies Centre, and in the field at the Wooden Camp of the Military Training Area Brezina. After the simulation (the most important phase of the exercise was accomplished on 28th September), there was a brief evaluation, and the authority of the units was transferred back to the national commands.

Before the exercise began, the Exercise Director, Colonel Pavel Fejfar stated:”The composition of the battalion staff has changed. Before next year’s certification, we need to focus on the commander’s and his staff’s ability to command the units continuously during both the planning and implementation of the police security tasks. We should not forget to harmonize the groups of training staff and combat units.“

The uniqueness of this exercise was the involvement of the Military Police reserve unit representing the Danish Military Police unit based at the Wooden camp where NATO MNMPBAT was deployed. The reservists’ task was to provide a realistic real-life protection of the camp as a Force Protection Unit. The Czech Military Police is, to this extent, reflecting the contemporary trend to increase participation of the reservists in fulfilling the tasks of the armed forces, as anticipated by the White Book on Defence.

The progress of the exercise was monitored by observers from France, Germany, Montenegro, Poland, and the United States. Members of Military Police Centre of Excellence (MP COE) in Bydgoszcz, Poland were part of the evaluation team, and represented crucial feedback as to the abilities of the battalion.

The position of battalion commander had been assigned to Lieutenant Colonel Mateusz Dadal from the Polish Military Police. This position is only temporary and is assigned annually to representatives from participating nations. For example, during one year, the battalion was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Roman Gotfried who is currently Deputy Chief of the Military Police Headquarters in Olomouc.

October 1, 2014