SCREENER 2018 training exercise prepares reconnaissance squads and brigade intelligence coverage

Autor: Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

A two-week international training exercise was focused on improving both planning and executing processes in coordination of reconnaissance tasks, troops manoeuvres under high intensity conflict and gathering of intelligence findings using them in favour of the 7th Mechanised Brigade.

The core of the participating troops was formed by the 71st Mechanised Battalion and 74th Light Motorised Battalion which acted as manoeuvres battalions of the 7th Mechanised Brigade. These units were complemented by two dozens of Czech Land Forces units, units of the 601st Special Forces Group, elements of the Air Force, reservists, and units from Austria, Poland, Slovakia and the United States.

The units primarily practised attack and defence combat manoeuvres against fictitious enemy exploiting reconnaissance and intelligence reports from forward patrols and aerial surveys.

During the "combat", the reconnaissance teams supplied commander and staff with immediate situation at the theatre which provided fresh material for analyses, planning and decision of commanders for further actions.

Overall, the SCREENER 2018 included more than 1,600 soldiers with 290 pieces of military equipment and was accomplished on Friday the 25th May. The exercise was held at the Libava Military Training Area and Beskydy Protected Landscape Area. The exercise helped increase combat coordination within allied and partner armies.