Rotation of units for Parwan and Mali

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

Fresh replacement units for deployment in Afghanistan and Africa are ready to assume their operational tasks this March. Soldiers of the 2nd Guard Company will replace the 1st GC at the Bagram Air Field in the Afghan Province of Parwan, a NATO-led ISAF operation, while soldiers of the 3rd Czech unit at the EU Training Mission in Mali will take over from the previous 2nd unit.

2nd ACR Guard Company BAF (Bagram Air Field), ISAF, Parwan Province, Afghanistan
Soldiers of the 41st Mechanised Battalion and the 43rd Airborne Mechanised Battalion who form the core of the 2nd ACR BAF company last week completed their week-long SHIELD 1/2014 training exercise at the Brezina Military Training Area, and at the Vyskov training base.

"Of all of the three types of exercises held at Vyskov recently, I can acknowledge that this exercise was one of the most important and most complex for planning and conduct," stated Colonel Karel Klinovsky, Chief of the Foreign Operations and Special Training Institute of the Training Command - Military Academy at Vyskov.

More than 150 soldiers resolved potential problems that they could encounter during their guard duties at the American base in Bagram. The exercise scenarios, similar to those of the alliance, simulated the most plausible incidents that can occur in Afghanistan. "I believe that the soldiers are extremely well-prepared to tackle their job," Colonel Klinovsky added.

3rd Czech unit, EU Training Mission, Mali
The first part of the 3rd Czech unit arrived in Bamako, Mali, on 3 March 2014, to begin the rotation of the current contingent. "Several of us have recently visited Bamako and have already grasped what the current situation is there," explained Captain Martin Naplava, Commander of the 3rd Czech unit.

The unit is made up of soldiers of the 71st Mechanised Battalion, based at Hranice. They have been trained to assess likely threats, and follow procedures necessary to protect the EU TM Headquarters in Bamako, and are also responsible for training the Malian soldiers at Koulikoro Base. The training was assisted by their colleagues from the 43rd Airborne Mechanised Battalion, as they have experience gained in Mali EU TM where they served from March to August 2013.

The second part of the 38-member unit will be sent to Bamako in mid-March.

March 12, 2014