Ramstein Rover starts in September

Autor: majorka Jolana Fedorková

For the second year in a row the Czech Republic hosts the allied Ramstein Rover exercise aiming at advance training and retaining skills of air crews, ground personnel and forward air controllers of 19 NATO armed forces. The Ramstein Rover 2013 will be held on and over the Czech territory from 2 September 2013 for three weeks.

"This year, the Ramstein Rover is not just training for ISAF operation in Afghanistan. It goes beyond, it's about pushing capabilities of allies forward at all," Colonel Harry H. Schnell, Director of the Ramstein Rover 2013 (RARO 2013) from the Allied Air Command in Ramstein, says at the beginning of a two-day final planning conference to the exercise.

Almost two hundred forward air controllers and dozens of aircraft from 19 NATO countries will train day and night operations in close air support and complete support of air crews from the ground according to the realistic and complex scenario.

Colonel Zdenek Bauer, Director of the exercise for the Czech Republic, said: "Compared to the last exercise, its character has changed. The exercise goal is training of soldiers for a wide spectrum of operations where the close air support is used. NATO needs to retain and develop its capabilities for assymetric operations in Afghanistan, but also for any other further deployments."

The exercise is managed by the component Allied Air Command - AIRCOM located in Ramstein, Germany. All allied forces will train interoperability together with Czech Air Force and Ground Forces units.

Besides Czech L-159 ALCA aircraft, which will use their home base at Caslav, all other Czech and allied aircraft will use runways and support facilities of 22nd Air Base at Namest nad Oslavou.

For the Czech military, this RARO 2013 means the most significant exercise with partners on the domestic territory.

Posted: July 15, 2013