President Milos Zeman visits army firing range

The personnel of the 41st Mechanised Battalion presented their skills to President Milos Zeman at the Vrsovice firing range near Louny during his three-day visit of the Ustecky Region.

The Commander of the 41st Mechanised Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Jiri Libal, welcomed the President and accompanied him to the demonstrations which had been prepared for the presidential delegation.

The President observed while soldiers conducted a live fire military exercise using the CZ 805 BREN attack rifles and the CZ 75 Phantom pistols, followed by a demonstration on transferring the wounded. The President also inspected a static display of the Pandur armoured vehicles.

President Zeman used the opportunity to fire one shot from a CZ 805 BREN, and he did not miss. In fact, he scored a bull’s eye. The Chancellor of the Presidental Office, Vratislav Minar and the Chief of the Ustecky Region, Oldrich Bubenicek, also tested their firing skills.

At the end of the visit, LTC Libal presented the battalion’s identification badge to the President who then formally decorated the battle flag of 41st Mech. Bat. with a Commemorative Ribbon.

The personnel of the 41st Mech. Bat., Zatec, formed the core of the 6th ACR Guard Company who were deployed to the Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan in support of the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission. They completed their mission in October and returned home.

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By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

December 7, 2016