Planning for future logistic operations

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

The Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre Council of Directors session held in Prague 14 to 15 January outlined development of joint logistic support for future operations and started a planning process of Exercise Capable Logistician 2015 which will be held in Hungary.

The Council of Directors confirmed the course of MLCC activities in sharing logistic capabilities of Allies and partners for future operations.

Following very successful Exercise Capable Logistician 2013 held in Slovakia, the MLCC focuses on planning of another exercise which will be held in Hungary in June 2015.

“While the goal of the Capable Logistican 2013 was to improve standardisation and interoperability, the upcoming exercise in Hunagary will train and practice real logistic support for operations,“ Colonel Miroslav Pelikan, MLCC Director, says.

According to him, the exercise in Hungary will certify logistic elements of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia (countries of the Visegrad Group) for their readiness within the European Union Battlegroup 2016 forces and will also be targeted for support of the largest NATO exercise in 2015 – the Trident Juncture.

The session was chaired by Brigadier General Blaine Douglas Holt, Director of Logistics at the US EUCOM (United States European Command), and attended by experts from ten MLCC member countries.

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Posted: January 18, 2014