Pirates had no chance to capture a ship in last six months

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Deputy Chief of the General Staff of ACR Major General Ales Opata received at the end of the last week members of the 7th ACR Group serving in EUNAVFOR Operation Atalanta, European Union anti-piracy off coast Somalia maritime operation, after their successful six-month service at the Operational Headquarters in Northwood, the U.K.

"The staff work does not differ much in any operation, so even the Czech Republic is landlocked, we were able to join efficiently the muti-national staff of the maritime Operational Headquarters," says Major Vaclav Malat, commander of the group, at the reception at the Czech General Staff of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic in Prague.

Major General Ales Opata, Deputy Chief of the General Staff and Director of the Joint Operations Centre, thanked the officers for excellent representation of the Czech military, and handed over to Major Vaclav Malat, Captain Jan Vasicek, and Chief Warant Officer Patrik Lestly the Medal for Service Abroad granted by Minister of Defence. They served in the operation from 11th Feburary to 8th August 2013 and during that time the pirates did not capture any ship within the patrolling area.

The Czech Republic joined the EUNAVFOR Operation in 2010, while this first EU naval operation had started two years earlier. Among others, the mandate of this operation, which is supposed to be extended till the end of December 2014, includes protection of vessels of the World Food Programme which deliver food aid to displaced persons in Somalia, and moreover, European Naval Force guards shipping lines off the coast of Somalia, off the Horn of Africa and in the Western Indian Ocean.

Czech contribution to the operation continues.

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Posted: August 19, 2013