People thank for evacuation from Japan

Not only the people, evacuated from Japan to the Czech Republic a few days ago, thank the Czech Air Force for prompt move but also their relatives express gratitude to the Czech government.

“I thank to all who decided to send military aircraft to Tokio, to all who detailed the plan and to pilots of both aircraft for excellent work done,” Mr. Michael Weber, a translator from Japanese, one of the evacuated writes in his e-mail addressed to the Joint Operations Centre of the Ministry of Defence and the Czech Air Force.

Taking care of Czechs who wanted to be evacuated from Japan after devastating earthquake on 11 March 2011, the military have sent two Airbus A-319CJ aircraft to Japan. They arrived back to Prague with 106 people, including 41 members of the Czech Philhamonic Orcherstra and eleven children. There were also several nationals from Bulgaria, Korea, Poland and Slovakia among passengers.

Passengers were welcomed by Minister of Defence Alexandr Vondra at the Prague-Kbely military airport at early morning hours of 17 March 2011.

One of the passengers, Ms. Adriana Craig, a Czech national living in Japan for 13 years, was caught by the earthquake in the mountains. “It was a shocking experience, my first idea was about survival. I am glad the military sent a plane for us. Although we had an air ticket booked for 20 March, but nobody knew, what could happen there,” Adriana, who is at her fourth month of a risk pregnancy, says.

After landing in Prague, both aircraft and all those passengers who wanted to, were scanned for possible radioactive traces. No radiation was detected.

Ms. Ludmila F. (68) from Prostejov, a grand-mother of evacuated Mr. Jan T., writes “Thanks to you, his arrival has shortened my dreamless nights,” in her e-mail addressed to the Ministry of Defence on 20 March.

The evacuation mission began in the evening of 15 March and was successfully accomplished in the morning of 17 March connecting Prague and Tokio with technical stopovers in Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk.

Posted: March 25, 2011