No chance for targets to escape

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Live combat fires of the 252nd Air Defence Missile Battalion starts at the Brezina ground of the Military Training Area at Hradiste after a long siren signal on one May day. Light tracked transporters are ready at their fire positions and the fire control oversees the scene from the tower.

The exercise of the 252nd Air Defence Missile Battalion from the 25th Air Defence Missile Brigade based at Strakonice was topped off with combat fires. Soldiers from Battery 3 and 4 fired from 9K35M Strela-10MD air defence missile systems. Their 9M37 missiles with infrared homing and highly explosive head were fired to targets imitating a departing helicopter and objects at a hang. “The distance was about four kilometres and height about three and a half kilometres,“ Captain Petr Reznicek, commander of the Battery 3, explains.

Twelve launches = twelve splashes

During a three-day exercise soldiers launched twelwe 9M37 missiles and all of them hit their targets. For most of operators the exercise was just practicing, because some of them have live fires before. “At least one wet fire experienced most operators,“ Battery commander says. But practicing makes masters.

The evaluation has come excellent. No missile nor operator failure. “The unit proved its professional readiness to accomplish combat tasks,“ Captain Reznicek says with satisfaction.

Pictures: first set of photos: Jan Kouba. Last three photos: courtesy 25 AD Missile Brigade (

Posted: June 4, 2012