New publication for education of non-commissioned and warrant officers completed in Prague

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

A numerous team of foreign military experts on education gather in Prague last week to make final arrangements before the presentation of a publication recommending educational methods and texts for specific training of non-commissioned and warrant officers.

The purpose of the new publication is to unify knowledge of these corps of soldiers in, for example, leadership, ethics, military history or communication. While manuals and handbooks for education and training in technical and tactical military skills have been already applied, introduced into or accepted by all armed forces of NATO and PfP programme nations, the mentioned sphere of wisdom was rather omitted in training of NCO and WO so far.

"The model describes how many levels of courses in his or her career the soldier should undergo and what is supposed to be taught," explains Ludek Kolesa, who, as Senior NCO at the Allied Command Transformation, Norfolk, was one of the project's promoters in 2011.

This handbook also sets requirements for developing career and its growth of any NCO and WO soldier. “The outcome of this publication will help overcome huge gaps existing at present among soldiers of different nations,” says Kolesa, who is in charge of advance education at the Czech Defence Ministry, adding “It’s all about interoperability - soldiers in NCO and WO ranks will have a chance for better and closer cooperation knowing each other skills.”

Both NATO and Partnership for Peace Consortium support the approach to educational concept described in the publication. Its recommendations can be used by any armed forces.

The similar handbook for commissioned officers, instructing not only NATO armed forces educational systems, was issued two years ago.

Posted: June 24, 2013