Multinational exercise Ample Strike 2015 set to go

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

On 4th September 2015, most of the international participants had arrived at the 22nd Helicopter Base Vicenice, Sedlec near Namest nad Oslavou, to register for Ample Strike 2015.

This coming weekend, all the participants will attend training exercises in safety rules and procedures for the coordination of training scenarios, and receive instructions on the exercise operational areas. Ample Strike 2015

During the exercise, some participants will be deployed to the Forward Arming and Refueling Point (FARP) at the Libava and Boletice military training areas, and to the former Bechyne airport. "We will be stationed at four sites and training will be held simultaneously at six operational areas," said Deputy Exercise Director, Major Pavel Prochazka.

"We have already registered nearly 70 percent of the international participants, and the rest will arrive during the weekend," said Staff Sergeant Marcela Betkova, the administrative specialist responsible for the registration of the participants.

Several aircraft have been deployed to the Namest Helicopter Base; a Mi-17 helicopter from Slovakia, a German Learjet and a PC-9 aircraft, as well as two Slovenian PC-9s. The American AH-64 Apache helicopters, along with their crew, arrived at Boletice FARP on Friday.

The Czech JAS-39 Gripen and the L-159 ALCA fighters will support the exercise, operating from their home base in Caslav. On Sunday, three Mil-24/35 helicopters, based at Namest, will deploy to the Libava FARP where they will remain throughout the exercise. The last air assets will deploy next Friday when the German AT-6C trainer aircraft will arrive at Namest and where they will participate in the AMSE for the first time.

Exercise Ample Strike is a Czech-hosted multinational NATO Forward Air Controllers (FACs) training exercise, with live-flying from 7th to 19th September. The aim of this joint training, based at four locations across the south of the Czech Republic, will be to coordinate tactical air operations with more than 100 Allied FACs supporting ground operations. During the exercise, focus will be centered on increasing existing expertise in direct air support procedures, as well as standardising and honing the interoperability of the military specialists for deployments in operations abroad. The exercise will also serve the purpose of maintaining and developing the skills of the units of the Czech Armed Forces, and providing support to foreign troops during their stay in the Czech Republic.

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By LtCol Magdalena Dvorakova, Joint Media Information Centre (JMIC) AMSE 15, Manfred Reudenbach, NATO AIRCOM PAO,, phone: +420 724 961 458

Posted: September 6, 2015

Checked: September 14, 2015