Multinational Aviation Training Centre document signed by four nations

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Representatives of Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the United States signed in Brussels a “Letter of Intent” to the Multinational Aviation Training Centre on Thursday 21 February 2013.

The “Letter of Intent” expresses the political will of participating countries to start practical work in forming structures of the Multinational Aviation Training Centre for crews of “Mi” type helicopters. The principle of the MATC is not building the Centre at one specific location but rather using the best training facilities that already exist in participating countries. The “Letter of Intent” also sets a Multinational Project Team for the MATC project.

The Czech Republic is a lead nation of the MATC project which was agreed by the NATO Summit in Chicago last May. The Project is part of the Smart Defence Initiative aiming at international cooperation of allied nations in increasing their defence capabilities. Talks go on with Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Turkey on their possible joining the Project.

The document was signed by Minister of Defence of Croatia Ante Kotromanović, First Deputy Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic Vlastimil Picek, State Secretary of the Slovak Republic Milos Koterec and Assistant Secretary of Defense of the United States Derek Chollet. Also NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow was present at the ceremony.

”The MATC is a typical example of sharing capabilities among NATO member countries. The project is currently based on helicopters of “Mi” platform, but any enlargement by other countries with different types of helicopters is not ruled out for the future,” Vlastimil Picek said.

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Posted: February 25, 2013