Minister Vondra: I keep my fingers crossed for the military

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Outgoing Minister of Defence Alexandr Vondra paid his last visit to the General Staff of ACR on Friday 7 December 2012 to meet with Chief of the General Staff Petr Pavel and other high-ranking military officials.

"I am very glad that you've found the moment to come see us in these hectic days, welcome," General Pavel said at the arrival of Alexandr Vondra to the General Staff.

Speaking to Minister Vondra in company with other high-ranking officials, General Pavel continued: "We would like to thank you for cooperation which was, from the view of ACR command, very good and we appreciate it very much. You had a sense for the military and a lot of issues you assessed in a very pragmatic way."

"I remember that when I became minister, my first steps led to this place, to the General Staff, because I felt some ditches between civilians and the military. It was honour and pleasure for me to work with you. We could not fulfil all our dreams, we had to resign to many things, but just during these difficult situations the characters and competence have come to light. Our armed forces, as I experienced during last two and a half years, are not large in numbers, but there are people here who are completely devoted to their work and mission. I am proud I could work with you. I keep my fingers crossed for the military," Alexandr Vondra said.

At the end of his visit to the General Staff of ACR, outgoing Minister Alexandr Vondra received a special gift - a set of historical military maps of Prague, and also, a flag of the Czech Republic in a decorated frame, the flag which was hoisted at the KAIA Base in Kabul among other flags of countries participating in the ISAF operation in Afghanistan.

Posted: December 10, 2012