Minister Stropnicky visits air defence unit

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

Minister of Defence Martin Stropnicky had high praise for the well-trained personnel of the 25th Air Defence Missile Regiment during his visit to its base in Strakonice last week.

"I came to Strakonice because one of the most important units of the Czech military is based here, and its significance has been increasing, especially of late," said Minister Stropnicky.

The Commander of the 25th Air Defence Missile Regiment, Colonel Vladimir Barca, briefed the minister and guests on the organisation, structure, and the main tasks of the regiment whose mission it is to defend Czech air space.

The soldiers and commanders demonstrated the regiment’s air defence missile systems. They adeptly exhibited both the static and dynamic operation of the equipment, and were fully prepared to "take" the "Ready to fire" position of the RBS-70 VSHORAD missile system.

The Minister was especially impressed by the simulation training of the RBS-70, with which operators have "downed" thousands of air targets in training. For instance, the Commander of the 252nd Air Defence Missile Battalion, Major Jan Suchy, after training with the Swedish manufacturer, had himself more than exceeded the manufacturer’s anticipated number of target hits in training.

At the end of his visit, during a meeting with the soldiers, Minister Sropnicky drew attention to the expertise and enthusiasm of the air defence personnel, and added that their exceptional commander had built and maintained an excellent team.

October 8, 2014