Minister honours service dog Athos

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Minister of Defence Vlastimil Picek visited the Military Cynology Centre at Chotyne this week to honour dog Athos for service in Afghanistan where it was seriously injured in September 2012.

Military Cynology Centre at Chotyne

Minister Picek awarded bomb-sniffing dog Athos with a leather collar with his signature, and a bufallo bone for its execellent service during ISAF tour in Afghanistan, and overcoming a series of surgery following devastating wounds.

After a Taliban rocket hit Shank Base in the Afghan Logar Province, soldiers found kennels totally smashed and Czech handler Corporal Rostislav Bartoncik could not even find his Athos at the moment.

Athos was immediately treated by American doctors like any other wounded service member at the Shank Base, having received blood from "colleague" American dogs at the base, then undergoing other surgeries at the Bagram Base in Afghanistan, and at the US Ramstein Base in Germany.

With Corporal Bartoncik, four-year-old German shepherd Athos at present resumes its training to be ready for further duty.

International media coverage of the ceremony at Chotyne:

Posted: January 11, 2014