Minister announces military units ready to undertake Deployment Readiness Test

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

Minister of Defence Martin Stropnicky along with Chief of the General Staff of ACR Lieutenant General Josef Becvar announced on 9th October that selected military units will carry out a Deployment Readiness Test in order to support the Czech Republic‘s Police Force in managing the migration crisis.

"We have 650 soldiers in a state of permanent readiness, which means that they can deploy in 120 minutes and begin their mission in a joint action with the Czech Police," said Martin Stropnicky.

"As of Friday evening, soldiers will be prepared at three military facilities close to selected border crossings with Austria. If and when they are required, they can immediately begin monitoring the situation and commence border and public area control activities,“ added Minister Stropnicky.

"The soldiers mainly come from the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade and the 7th Mechanised Brigade. If necessary, we will also deploy soldiers from other units," explained General Becvar.

Along with the construction of a humanitarian base and a previous joint exercise held with the Czech Police at the state border, the Deployment Readiness Text is yet another example of the readiness tests that have been instigated by the Czech Armed Forces to try and solve a potential refugee crisis.

October 13, 2015