Minister appreciates fighters against communism

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

On the eve of 17 November 2012, Minister of Defence Alexandr Vondra met with a group of fighters against communism, appreciated their deeds and handed them over certificates to confirm they belong to the IIIrd Resistance movement.

A group of participants of anti-communist activities before 1989 gathered at the Ministry of Defence to receive certificates that they belong to the IIIrd Resistance. They, or their family members, asked to get this status according to the Czech Parliament Act No. 262/2011 Coll., on participants of resistance against communism, which came in effect on 17 November last year.

Almost four thousand applications for the status of IIIrd Resistance participant the Ministry of Defence has received so far, since it was assigned to apply the Act. After careful and thorough verification, the Ministry issues 28 certificates on the average a month to people who actively fought communist regime and in many cases suffered in prison for their political beliefs and ideas.

The date of 17 November is remembered in this country for a Czech student mass protest against Nazi occupation in 1939 and persecution that followed (17 November has been later declared as the International Students' Day), and a student manifestation in former Czechoslovakia in 1989, which resulted in the so called "Velvet Revolution", the fall of rule of one political party, and the fall of the communist regime in this country.

Resistance classification:

  • Ist Resistance - fight against Austro-Hungarian Monarchy during WW I in a bid to form independent Czechoslovakia (1914 - 1918);
  • IInd Resistance - fight against Nazi occupation during WW II (1939 - 1945);
  • IIIrd Resistance - fight against communism in Czechoslovakia (1948 - 1989).

Posted: November 19, 2012