Logisticians play an irreplaceable role in the exercise Tobruq Legacy

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

According to a French adage „cherchez le femme“, it is necessary to look for a woman behind everything. In military environment, it could be easily paraphrased as look for logisticians behind everything. This fact is not different also during the international exercise of ground-based air defence units called Tobruq Legacy 2015 which was held from the last week in the Boletice military area in the region of Cesky Krumlov.

The logisticians have been through intensive preparation and they have a number of demanding tasks ahead of them, which are connected with the support and providing for the exercise. „The most difficult was the joint coordination with foreign participants so that technical agreement and national logistic procedures were kept,“ said Captain Petr Mach, who is responsible for logistic support during the exercise. Traditionally, the sticking point is board and accommodation. „It was time-consuming for us to plan and coordinate board for the training soldiers. During the preparation and planning of the exercise, we didn't manage to avoid frequent changes and regrouping of people. Furthermore, we are bound by our financial means and by keeping certain deadlines,“ Captain Mach explained.

On the other hand, he can see partial success in the way the 25th Air Defence Missile Regiment in Strakonice organized the main and the final planning conferences related to the exercise mentioned above. They were positively evaluated also by the foreign participants. „I must emphasize your hospitality, preparation of the exercise, material provision...,“ mentioned Captain Mario Antoni, logistics officer from the Slovak air defence missile brigade. His opinion was confirmed by his Hungarian colleague as well: „The planning conferences were well prepared and organized. During the whole time of the preparation everybody was very helpful and worked towards the success of the exercise. The problems we encountered were solved always for the benefits of all,“ said Captain Tamas Toth.

The soldiers have also utilized their experience from foreign deployment. „When deployed, by coincidence I cooperated with members of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. I familiarized myself with their logistics system, which is, moreover, similar to ours. Therefore, I could better comprehend their questions and understand their requirements,“ Petr Mach clarified.

„The main headache for logisticians is to get through all national bureaucracy and make the plan real,” said Lithuanian logistician Captain Simas Asačiovas and he added: „I appreciate your logisticians for their input in organization and welfare. This went so smooth, maybe because only logistician understands logistician.”

The joint exercise of ground-based air defence units, in which almost five hundred members of the armed forces of the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia and the USA is going to participate, is just at its beginning. Thus, much will be revealed only in the next days. In addition, logistics is such an extensive field that it is difficult to satisfy requirements of everyone. „At the end of the exercise we have heard the similar words of praise to those related to its preparation, it is the greatest reward for us,“ Captain Mach concluded.

The Tobruq Legacy 2015 exercise has been concluded by the 4 July 2015.

Author: CPT Jana Samcova, press and information officer of the 25th Air Defence Missile Regiment

Translation: Marketa Kmunickova, University of Defence, Brno

Photos: author

July 4, 2015