Komando: The Tough Job

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Fifteen percent. It is the rate of success in the "Komando" course, which simulates real battle situations and is probably the thoughest sort of training in the Czech military.

„Out of originally 34 soldiers only a dozen "survives" before the final phase of the course,“ commander of the course 1LT Petr Kamenicek says adding: „But not all who will finalise the course are eligible to wear a Komando badge. It is reserved for the best ones only.“

The course, which comes from training of American Rangers or French Commandos, is famous with its extreme hardness. It lasts four weeks and various combat situations are prepared for the trainees. „It was a helicopter drop today followed by reaction to an explosive device, which in the end "wounded" commander of the group, who was evacuated by MEDEVAC, which is a service for evacuation of wounded in action from the site,“ Petr Kamenicek explains.

Those, who decide to participate in the course will not only prove their skills, but moreover they gain more experience. That is because the training includes a number of the newest findings from foreign operations.

Up to a half fails due to injuries

The Komando course ranks to the most demanding training events in the Czech military, which is confirmed by the survival rate. „The full half of participants failed this year because of injuries, the others due to mental reasons,“ Kamenicek confirms.

The training, which was designed first of all for commanders of lowest units in battalions of the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade, was participated also by soldiers from the the Training Command - Military Academy at Vyškov, which will organise the course from this November. „The training will get the whole-army competency,“ reveals Major Hynek Pavlacka, Chief Training Specialist. According to him, the recent knowledge and lessons learned in foreing operations will get to higher quantity of soldiers who could make use of them during training with their units or during deployment abroad.