Komando Course. "No search for supermen," course commander says

„Nothing must hamper your running, nothing should rustle or clink. The camouflage must not prevent your access to magazines, water and other things you need," Staff Sergeant Vladimir Zahradka, the Course instructor, says to participants of the Komando Course.

Initially, there were one hundred and ten soldiers interested in the Komando Course, which is held twice a year at the Training Command - Military Academy at Vyskov. Only 73 showed up at Vyskov to qualify for the Course, but only 36 of them made the selection out and will take part in the Course during this April.


“The goal of this pre-course procedure is to find out how each of applicants behaves under the stress, and it is not only about physical burden or drill endrurance at all,“ Major Hynek Pavlacka, the Course commander, says and continues "We want to know, first of all, what skills and experience can any participant offer and show potency to be a successful leader in the future".

The Komando Course has existed in the Czech military since 2005. It was introduced by former commander of the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade, now Brigadier General Ales Opata. He was inspired by a tradition set in 1947 - in time of birth of the Czechoslovak airborne troops - by Josef Cernota and other graduates of special war courses in the U.K.

From then the brigade-level course, the Komando Course has evolved into all Czech army training event, which is organised by the Training Command - Military Academy at Vyskov from the last year.

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