KFOR: Readiness to receive reinforcements

While the Czech Task Force of the Operational Reserve Force reaches 504 personnel, the real presence in Kosovo is in size of 92 men and women.

In case the situation in Kosovo worsens, the KFOR commander can activate the major force of the Czech Operational Reserve Force, presently located in the Czech Republic, and call the personnel down to Sajkovac in eastern part of Kosovo to help solve problems.

The activation training of both the Kosovo core and major force was held this week in Sajkovac and Jince respectively. Its goal was to check all procedures connected with transportation of the 2nd and the 3rd Light Manoeuvre Companies from home bases to Kosovo, and in Kosovo, the reception of this part of force in size of a battalion.

“On arrival, soldiers will receive information on situation on the territory, mine awareness, system of defence of Sajkovac base, training in driving on local roads and all soldiers will be equipped with personal gear, including gas masks, weapons and ammunition,“ Warrant Officer Tomas Vachal, chief of the planning section of the unit, said.

The training in Kosovo was focused also on handling of heavy equipment and handing over vehicles from short-time desposits to drivers and crews.

  • The Operational Reserve Force is formed by the 1st Heavy Manoeuvre Company (will have training in March 2011), 2nd and 3rd Manoeuvre Companies and the organisational core. Following the activation, the three companies would move to Kosovo and within 14 days they would be fully operational to help restore peaceful and safe environment within the area of responsibility.
  • The Operational Reserve Force battalion is composed of personnel of the 13th Artillery Brigade based at Jince and of other 40 Czech military units and installations.

Posted: February 28, 2011