Iraqi Minister of Defence in Czechia for talks on boosting security and defence cooperation

Autor: Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

Minister of Defence Karla Slechtova welcomed the Minister of Defence of Iraq, Mr. Erfan Mahmood Abdalgafour Al-Heiali, for talks during his three-day visit to the Czech Republic, which also included visits to an air base and several Czech defence industry companies.

The two delegations fully assessed recent and ongoing cooperation matters, such as air operations, aircraft maintenance, and training objectives for the Iraqi Military Police and chemical specialists.

"The Iraqi party has expressed a keen interest in securing the support of the Czech Republic. In this respect, we have offered ground forces capabilities, and held detailed discussions on the political situation in Iraq and the Middle East, as well as future cooperation in the field of defence industry," said Minister Slechtova.

At the press conference at the Defence Ministry, Mr. Erfan Mahmood Al-Heiali told reporters that the main purpose of his visit was to further develop the existing cooperation between the two countries. "The Czech Republic is one of the countries who actively participated in the defeat of Da'esh. The victory of Iraq over Da'esh is, in fact, a victory for the whole world in combating terrorism," said the Iraqi Defence Minister.

During discussions, the Iraqi delegation also brought up technology and logistics matters, as well as training programmes for air and ground personnel. Minister Slechtova added that they had also considered the important aspect of medical aid to Iraqi soldiers and citizens. Intelligence co-operation was also on the agenda. "Iraq has been fighting the terrorism threat for years. Therefore, we have here an opportunity to acquire first-hand experience and know-how," she added.

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By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

April 27, 2018