Invitation to the Tank Day 2011

Autor: Oldřich Holeček

Come and see Cromwell, Comet, Jackson, Hakl, Dingo, Pandur, and Ulan also… These tanks, armoured vehicles and other military equipment will be on both static and dynamic displays at the Tank Day 2011 which is held on Saturday 27 August 2011 at the Military Technical Museum at Lesany.

The 9th Tank Day will feature a range of armour equipment both from World War II period and present time.

"Our goal is always to interconnect the history with the presence," says Lieutenant Colonel Robert Speychal who, together with other personnel of the Military History Institute Prague, prepared program for this Tank Day 2011. "We try to show to the visitors the great difference between the former war machines and the ones of these days. Just this contrast will help people understand the change in development of equipment and its advances.

The Tank Day opens its gates on Saturday 27 August 2011 at 9.30 a.m. An opening ceremeony starting at 10.30 a.m. will invite visitors to the whole-day programme. It will be followed by a WW II combat presentation called “Meeting on the Elbe” (Setkani na Labi). The scenario involves a German camp at the centre of the “Arena” attacked by the Allies.

In a dynamic show, the Lesany "Arena" will present a legendary Soviet tank T-34, but in a less frequent version with a 76 mm cannon. Also another Soviet, but significantly heavier tank IS-3, which was developed at the very end of WW II, will be presented. The German “party” will be represented by a replica of a Tiger tank and tracked infantry vehicle SdKfz 251 nicknamed Hakl. Spectators will see also a Hetzer fighter tank. The American military will be represented by a fighter tank M36 Jackson, which is a this-year new addition to collection of the Museum. Also smaller, a six-wheel armoured vehicle M8-Greyhound will ride on the ground of the “Arena” together with several Jeeps.

Famous Cromwell tank will represent the British military. This tank even “played” at a US/UK 10-part series Band of Brothers. Spectators will have a chance to see another British combat vehicle – tank Comet – which was a successor to the Cromwell.

The whole combat show including pyrotechnical effects would last 45 minutes. The dynamic display will include presentation of a less known pre-war tank Strv M/37, which was developed by Czech company CKD for the Swedish military. The courious "agromobil" or Skoda 998 will be on the display too.

The afternoon programme starts around 1 p.m. with presentation of the present armour equipment. Visitors will see a T-72 M4 CZ tank, an armoured personnel carrier Pandur, Iveco vehicle, armoured Dingo vehicle and a range of other equipment used by the Czech military. Tmmožná přidám i něco česky, aby se cizinci taky něčemu přiučili

The Tank Day 2011 organises the Military History Institute in cooperation with the 73rd Tank Battalion. Within their own stands also Military Repairs Company VOP 026 Sternberk, Steyr Company and others, will present their activities to visitors of the Day.

Admission is free.

How to get to the Museum at Lesany:

GPS of the Museum: 49°50'45.038"N, 14°31'56.715"E


(some 30-minute drive)

  • 1) Prague - motorway D1 in direction to Brno - exit 10 to Prazsky okruh (R1, E50) passing Jesenice - to the road No. 105 to Jilove u Prahy - Kamenny Privoz - Kabaty - Zampach - turn to the left to Lesany
  • 2) Prague – road No. 603 (or R1, E50) in direction to Benesov, go to Jesenice - turn to the road No. 105 to Jilove u Prahy - Kamenny Privoz - Kabaty - Zampach - turn to the left to Lesany


  • Start your journey at the major Prague´s railway station Praha Hlavni nadrazi, or Praha Vrsovice, or Praha Branik, and buy a return ticket to the Krhanice station (train goes to Tynec nad Sazavou or up to Cercany stations), and then walk some 500 meters over the bridge of Sazava River to the Museum (the popular Sazava Pacific Line goes through the picturesque valley of the Sazava River).

Posted: August 20, 2011
Contact person: Mr. Andrej Halada, phone +420 724 801 032