Invitation to the Future Forces Forum

Future Forces Forum - an important event for defence and security.

This October, Prague will traditionally become the venue for a meeting of domestic and foreign defence and security leaders on the occasion of the Future Forces Forum, the new format of the globally recognised Future Soldier/Future Forces Exhibition and Conference.

 Future Forces Forum 2016

The Future Forces Forum project (FFF), to be held from 17th – 21st October, in Prague, is supported by many state and government authorities and organisations, and is headed by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the Army of the Czech Republic, and other national and international institutions.

Organisers have prepared many innovative events and a much broader programme for 2016. For the first time in its history, it will demonstrate not only elements of national capabilities, but also the ability to meet interoperability goals in different areas of defence and security. The FFF will present the interests and needs of the army, armed forces and elements of the Integrated Rescue System. The long-term project supporting efficient cooperation of government authorities and local government bodies, Czech industry, science and education in defence and security with international participants aims to expand, enlarge, deepen and streamline their support.

The FFF will cover not only traditional topics, such as soldiers’ equipment and protection methods, CBRN, Medical, Robotic, Logistics and Cyber defence, but also Hydrometeorological, Geospatial and GNSS. The FFF also focuse on the protection of critical infrastructure, counterterrorism, management of non-military crises and emergencies, CIMIC, the importance and need to involve science, research and education in the field of defence and security, support in the recruitment of specialists for structures of the Army of the Czech Republic, etc.

The FFF activities this year in the week from October 17th - 21st will include an international exhibition, a congress, three conferences, four workshops, and meetings of several NATO expert groups. During the five days, the FFF participants will have the opportunity to meet experts from around the world, industry leaders in the field of defence and security technologies, leading scientists, and also meet with high-ranking government and army officials from NATO, the EU and other partner countries. Many representatives of the Army of the Czech Republic will be involved in this expert programme.

The FFF project includes static and dynamic demonstrations that will give the event’s attendees an opportunity to get acquainted first hand with the latest technologies in the field of the armament and equipment of the armed and security forces, methods of CBRN protection, protection of critical infrastructure elements, robotic technologies and unmanned ground and aerial vehicles, anti-terrorism defence, cyber defence, etc. The main position in the national presentation, both with respect to the expert programme and during the exhibition, will belong to the Army of the Czech Republic together with the University of Defence.

We expect more than 8,000 participants, approximately 200 exhibiting companies, more than 1,000 experts and VIP guests from more than 60 countries.


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Jul 1, 2016