Invitation to the 25th Land Forces Day - BAHNA 2014 - to be held on Saturday, 7th June, in Strasice, near Rokycany

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

Supporters, and fans of the military, will gather to see a spectacle of the land and air equipment of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, along with simulated attacks of infantry combat vehicles, tanks and helicopters which, this year, will be presented facing the spectators.

"Unlike all previous demonstrations, we have changed the direction of the show, and spectators will now experience what it feels like for the soldiers who have to protect the areas under attack," said Major General Jan Gurnik, Commander of Czech Land Forces, referring to the main combat presentation.

25th Land Forces Day - BAHNA 2014

This event is primarily designed to demonstrate the preparedness of the Czech soldiers, police and other security bodies of the Czech Republic to defend the country and its citizens. BAHNA 2014 is therefore not only a spectacle for the public, but it is also an important rehearsal for the upcoming exercise of the 4th Brigade Task Force, which will be held in the Doupov Mountains.

From a military point of view, this dynamic demonstration for the public will mimic the training, procedures and tactics of combat units, staff, and combat support units which would be used to defend our sovereignty, or be deployed, together with NATO troops, or multinational units on foreign operations. Representatives of the Armed Forces of Austria and Slovakia with their combat equipment will also take part in the event. All major branches of Czech military personnel, and their combat equipment, including paratropers, will participate in static displays and dynamic demonstrations.

From the time when the original BAHNA military show was merely a meeting for the owners of historical military vehicles, the event has, over the years, evolved into this present Land Forces Day, and during the last decade, the Czech Air Force and their support units have also been participating. The BAHNA now attracts thousands of visitors each year.

The event is organised by the Land Forces Command, with the cooperation of the Foundation of the Land Forces, together with The Museum on the Demarkation Line in Rokycan, the Czechoslovak Legion Community, and military history clubs. Visitors will therefore be able to see, in the parade, both historical and current military equipment, and personnel in their relevant uniforms.

Entry is free. Journalists, who would like to get special access for interviews with military officials, or to view equipment, should request approval as soon as possible at the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces by e-mail to:, providing their names, the name of their newspaper/magazine, country, and contact details. Contact: MAJ Jolana Fedorkova. Phone no: +420 973 216 060, or +420 724 463 834.

Come and watch this military spectacle and historical event!

June 2, 2014