International parade will commemorate the Czech Army Day

Autor: Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

The Czech Army Day, which falls on 30th June, will be commemorated by the DRILLFEST international parade of military honour guards at Wenceslas Square in Prague, on Thursday 23rd June from 2 p.m.

The performance of the military honour guards from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in demonstrating their elite parade rifle skills and training with drills and displays, will be accompanied by the Central Band of the Czech Army.

"The soldiers do not normally present drills using rifles on official occasions, but do so only at extraordinary events such as this one. The performance of the Central Band, as a respected music body, will no doubt be a very enjoyable experience. So, be sure to come, watch and listen to this extraordinary event," said Lieutenant Colonel Zdenek Dvorsky, Deputy Commander of the Garrison Command of Prague.

The event, which will be held at the lower end of the Wenceslas Square, has been organised under the patronage of Premysl Sobotka, the 1st Deputy Chairman of the Czech Senate, and Jan Volf, Pragues City Hall councillor. The performance is coordinated by the Garrison Command of Prague and Ci-5 Agency, with the support of Prague City Hall.

  • Czech Army Day commemorates the military parade which was held in the French city of Darney on 30th June, 1918. On that day, the 21st Czechoslovak Rifle Regiment, numbering six thousand, swore an oath of allegiance to the republic before departing for battle. The ceremony was attended by the French President, Raymond Poincaré, members of the French cabinet, future Czechoslovak President, Eduard Benes, representatives of the allied armies, and a delegation of the City of Paris. The event signified the diplomatic recognition of the Czechoslovak Armed Forces before the formation of Czechoslovakia which would subsequently take place in October later that year.

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By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

June 20, 2016