Holiday season? Training goes on

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

There is no training break for soldiers during July and August. But not only training goes on, soldiers have also handed over the last of six temporary bridges to local authorities across the Czech Republic thus assisting people hit by June floods.

Summer months do not mean the training has stopped and soldiers just relax. Hundreds of specialists prepare for rotation in Afghanistan and other foreign missions, the others use warm weather to improve their knowledge and skills in practices the season allows in the Czech Republic.

The following 13-picture photo gallery shows just a small selection of training varieties but also hard work of soldiers from the 15th Engineer Brigade when constructing temporary bridges, the original ones having been smashed by June floods.

The headquarters of the 31st Brigade of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Protection based at Liberec conducted training of instructors on their grounds at Tisa - rescue on water, close fight with knives, or mountain climbing.

Their colleagues from the 23rd Helicopter Base based at Prerov trained helicopter rescue operations over a lake, and members of the 7th Mechanised Brigade based at Hranice retained their skills in search for explosive devices, overcoming assault courses and water surfaces.

Active Reserve members met with foreign reservists at the Military Competition at Vyskov, and on the training grounds of the Training Command - Military Academy they had been measuring their readiness on the NATO assault course and in other events.

Live explosive works were the scenario for training of Explosive Ordnance Detachment instructors at the Brdy Military Training Area organised by soldiers from the 15th Engineer Brigade.

The training brings excellence. In truth, it confirms the old slogan: "Hard training, easy fighting" that is attributed to former Russian Empire Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov (1729-1800).

Enjoy your holiday time!

Posted: August 5, 2013