Guided sightseeing tour of the Ministry of Defence is award for winners of literary contest

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

The winners of the literary contest organised by the Communication Department of the MoD, and based on the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Czechoslovakia, met at the Ministry of Defence to receive their diplomas from the Deputy Minister, Alena Netolicka.

Ms Netolicka received the students, their teachers and parents on behalf of the Minister at the Ministry of Defence on 17th June. She told the group that she was proud and delighted to welcome such talented young authors to the ministry, and pointed out that twenty seven grammar schools had participated in the contest. She also praised the high quality of creative writing and the work and skill that the students had put into the competition. She then presented diplomas to the winners in five categories. The judges of the competition, led by Libor Hlavacek, the “court“ speech writer for the Ministry's representatives, had chosen the five winning essays.

Jan Pejsek, the Director of the Communication Department, began the sightseeing tour around the ministerial building. He thanked the students for taking part in the contest and praised their teachers and parents for their exceptional guidance and support. “Your excellent work here may prove to be a valuable step in helping you achieve your future goals in life,“ commented Mr Pejsek.

The winners’ visit continued with a sightseeing tour of the ministerial rooms, used to host visiting dignitaries, and surrounding buildings and grounds. Their guide was the military historian, Director of the War Veterans Department, Colonel Eduard Stehlík who, in his role as “house warden“, was the perfect choice to guide, and help the students become familiar with such an important building which had seen many historic and political transitions, and which is still the seat of the everyday decision-making process on all matters of defence.

“I really enjoyed being here and, on behalf of all the students who attended this ceremony, I would like to thank the Minister and Deputy Minister for inviting us here today“, said David Broul, a student from a grammar school in Nova Paka.

July 6, 2015