Guard company personnel begin training on the unit's cohesiveness

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

Although the 2nd Guard Company recently assumed its operational task for the ISAF operation at the Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan, only the week before, its successor unit, the 3rd Guard Company, had already participated in specific exercises which focused on the unit’s cooperation and cohesiveness.

"The soldiers who made up the 3rd Guard Company, which will serve at the Bagram Air Field, participated in joint activities such as, physical training, tactical manoeuvres, marksmanship, and first aid training; as a result of which the unit should become more cohesive. They also took part in specialised individual driving courses, survival practice, the Combat Life Saver course, and the Close Quarters Battle training course, and others," said Captain Petr Liska, Commander of the unit.

The Close Quarters Battle practice was held at the Military Training Area, Vyskov. The goal of this activity is improved and effective combat action in built-up urban areas; how to enter buildings, where the suspected enemy is hiding, and how to capture them.

This training prepares personnel in how to deal with unexpected situations, teaches them tactical "know-how", communication techniques, team work, weapons use, and how to manoeuvre within a confined area.

Another, similar, week-long exercise will take place at the Military Training Area, Libava, at the end of April.

The unit of 150 soldiers will take up its six-month operational task to eliminate enemy threats against the Bagram Air Field at Parwan Province in Afghanistan in October.

April 23, 2014