Government ratifies the ‘Concept of the Czech Armed Forces 2025’

The government of the Czech Republic has agreed on and ratified the long-awaited document – the ‘Concept of the Build-up of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic 2025’ at its last session on 21st December.

"We have completed the task this government had set out in its program statement shortly after its appointment in February 2014. This key strategic defence document was prepared by a team of specialists from the Ministry of Defence and the Army in cooperation with our security community over the last two years," said Minister of Defence Martin Stropnicky.

The aim of the Concept is to outline the scope and achievability of the previously identified capabilities vital to the politico-military ambitions of the Czech Republic, as well as the tasks and commitments of the Armed Forces up to 2025. The document reflects the security interests and principles for the defence of the country which was set out in the national legislation, Security Strategy of the Czech Republic, Defence Strategy of the Czech Republic, the Long-term Outlook for Defence 2030, and international agreements.

"My first priority is the implementation of the Concept and the completion of the personnel and material projects, the modernisation of the armed forces, and to reinforce the importance of the Active Reserve forces. I am confident that the individual military branches will create fully operational task forces for deployment in our territory and abroad," said Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Josef Becvar.

The Concept will be accomplished in two steps. The first, ‘Step 2020’ will focus on recruiting personnel for Land and Air Forces and the Active Reserve, and procurement of new equipment to replace outmoded items, for example, battle helicopters, mobile radars, ammunition and other materials. The second, ‘Step 2025’ will focus the on modernisation of equipment, for example, substituting the BMP-2 vehicles and the modernisation of military airport infrastructure.

"The Concept will achieve a stable funding base which will increase military capabilities and encourage the young generation’s interest in serving in the Czech Armed Forces," said Minister Stropnicky.

(The text of the Concept will be published at Strategy and Doctrine as soon as it is translated)

By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

December 29, 2015