Government passes concepts of Active Reserve force and mobilisation procedures

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Two important documents bolstering security of this country were passed by the Czech government at its session on 23 January 2013.

Both materials emphasize that defence of this country is a society-wide topic. They increase importance of citizens in their contribution to the defence, and set rules of conduct in case of crisis situations.

The new concept on the Active Reserve is a complex, realistic and long-term effective solution of recruitment and training of reservists for the Czech military. At the same time the concept eliminates shortcomings from which the Active Reserve units suffered so far.

By compensations to employers, who enable citizens-reservists to take part in training, and by increasing remunerations to reservists, the new concept further motivate people for ensuring defence of this country. The Active Reserve force should reach five thousand personnel in future.

The concept of mobilisation updates its previous version of 2005, reflects enhancement and optimisation of Czech Republic’s security system, respecting the Security Strategy and the Defence Strategy of this country.

The new mobilisation concept is introducing emergency measures which will enable flexible response of the government in preparation and securing defence of the Czech Republic in peace time.

“Both concepts are based on the White Paper on Defence of 2011 and reflect real economic condition of our country. They will support capabilities of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic to effective conduct of military tasks at home and abroad, and at the same time help the population of the country in crisis situations,” says Vlastimil Picek, First Deputy Defence Minister, supporting implementation of these materials into practice.

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January 28, 2013