General Picek visits the Kingdom of Thailand

Autor: podplukovnice Jana Růžičková, oddělení komunikace s veřejností, Generální štáb AČR

During 4 to 6 April 2010 the Chief ot the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic General Vlastimil Picek headed the delegation visiting the Kingdom of Thailand.

For the first official visit to Thailand the Chief of the General Staff of ACR was invited by General Jaggabatar Songkitti Chakkrabat, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Thailand.

The Czech delegation was received by the Minister of Defence of Thailand Wongsuwan Prawit. Both parties discussed possible future cooperation between the two militaries in relation to modernisation projects. Since the Thai military is equipped with Czech-made L-39 training aircraft, Czech Republic can provide spare parts for them and their modernisation. General Picek highlighted capabilities of another Czech-made L-159 ALCA subsonic aircraft, which is a ticket for Czech pilots for flying JAS-39 Gripen (SAAB 39 Gripen) supersonic aircraft. Minister Prawit confirmed that Thai party was interested in L-159 ALCA subsonics, but their acquisition depended on economic sources of the his country.

The aircraft were also discussed during talks of General Picek with Thai Armed Forces Supreme Commander General Songkitti. General Picek spoke about capacities of Czech manufacturers in other modernisation projects of the Czech military, for example ongoing rearmament process in attack rifles, which is part of the 21st Century Soldier Project, or the VERA Passive Surveillence System.

„One of my generals studied at your military school, and I would like to use his experience and this opportunity to call for broadening mutual cooperation in military education and exchange of students,“ said General Songkitti. Both generals have agreed upon further talks of experts on individual spheres of interest in the near future, and during upcoming visit of General Songkitti to the Czech Republic, to which was invited by General Picek.

Author: Lieutenant Colonel Jana Ruzickova, General Staff of ACR