General Becvar visits newcomers during basic military training

On 24th January, General Josef Becvar, Chief of the General Staff, visited new recruits and members of the Active Reserve while completing their basic military training course at the Training Command - Military Academy in Vyskov and at nearby Brezina Military Training Area.

Accompanied by David Kadner, Chairman of the Defence Committee of the Czech Parliament and other members, General Becvar’s aim was to boost the recruits’ morale and evaluate their progress during the six-week training programme.

The recruits, who commenced training in early January, comprise more than five hundred future professional soldiers, 33 new members of the Active Reserve Force, and 16 citizens who voluntarily applied for military service. They will undergo field training at Brezina combined with theoretical education at the Vyskov-Dedice barracks.

General Becvar visited several teams in the exercise fields, and personally met with trainers and new soldiers. "The beginning of military service can be the most difficult part for the trainees, but I hear from your commanders that you are doing very well,” said Gen. Becvar as he watched a majority of the trainees hit the bull’s eye during shooting practice.

"It seems you are enjoying the training. You are very competent shooters and you have superior rifles," commented General Becvar on seeing the results of the live firing, and jokingly added: "You don’t need any more training…"

Due to recent increased financial remuneration and better conditions for both professional and reserve soldiers, the Armed Forces has recently been attracting a higher number of applicants compared to earlier years. Currently, there are 23,200 professional soldiers serving in the Czech Armed Forces. Last year, this figure had increased by 1,300 professionals, while the number of applicants for the Active Reserve Force reached approximately 1,500 members. The general public are showing increased interest in the newly introduced voluntary military service.

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By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

January 30, 2017