General Becvar commends the contribution of military chaplains

Autor: Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

The three-day meeting of military chaplains, called for by the Chief Chaplain, Colonel Jaroslav Knichal, was held this week at the Educational Training Centre in the impressive Komorni Hradek Castle, Chocerady.

Military chaplains and General Becvar
Military chaplains and General Becvar

"I would like to thank you all for the work you are doing. Wherever I go, I only hear great praise for the chaplains, and I am not saying this because I am standing here in front of you. I am saying it because it is true, and it gives me great satisfaction to know that our soldiers hold you in such high esteem," said Chief of the General Staff General Josef Becvar on addressing the chaplains on the first day of the meeting.

During informal discussions with General Becvar, the chaplains described in detail the work and activities they do in support of the military and civilian personnel, both at home and during foreign operations.

Later, a service was held at the Holy Trinity Chapel to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the death of the Chaplaincy General, Monsignor Methodej Kuban

  • Monsignor Kuban had experienced the horrors and difficulties of the battlefield when supporting soldiers during the WW1, and then went on to help create the Military Chaplaincy service in the former Czechoslovak Armed Forces. In November 1934, he was appointed Chief of the Catholic Group at the Czechoslovak Ministry of National Defence.

    In August 1938, he was appointed Chaplaincy General, and his dedication to his duties continued even during the Nazi occupation. He was known to be a strong opponent to the imposed regime. In August 1940, he was arrested, and two years later, on 5th March, he died at Dachau concentration camp.

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By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

March 10, 2017