Foreign deployments of the Czech military

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

More than 350 Czech soldiers will spend the upcoming Holiday Season far away from their home and relatives serving in or in favour of foreign operations in Afghanistan, Mali, in the Sinai, the U.K., in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, but also for example in Kongo.

During his traditional pre-Christmas trip to soldiers deployed abroad, Chief of the General Staff of ACR Lieutenant General Petr Pavel visited this week three places in Afghanistan, where, within ISAF operation, serves the largest contingent of Czech military personnel.

Those places were the Bagram Air Field Base, KAIA Base and ISAF HQ in Kabul. General Pavel met with soldiers, handed them over gifts, experienced a suicide attack on KAIA Base gate, and had meetings with high ranking officials of the NATO-led ISAF operation.

At the Bagram Air Field Base, whose some 40 thousand personnel protects Czech guard company together with Americans, General Pavel met with Major General James C. McConville, ISAF Regional Command East Commander, to discuss current security situation, capabilities of Afghan military, and possible participation of the Czech military in the upcoming Resolute Support operation in Afghanistan in 2014 and 2015. "We suppose to go on with our presence in Afghanistan and train Afghan helicopter air and ground personnel. We would also like to continue here with some smaller specialities, or with a guard company here in Bagram. But it depends on requirements from allies for the period after 2014. But for the next year, we are going to dispatch a special forces detachment to train Afghan special forces personnel," General Pavel said.

General Pavel had talks also with ISAF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Giorgio Battista and ISAF Deputy Commander for Air Operations Major General Kenneth Wilsbach.

Reception at the General Staff of ACR

Five officers, who returned from EUFOR - Althea mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and from MFO mission in the Sinai, were received by Deputy Chief of the General Staff - Director of the Joint Operations Centre Major General Ales Opata at the General Staff this week.

He thanked the officers for good work done and excellent representation of the Czech military in missions of the European Union and international community. All officers received the Medal of Minister of Defence For Service Abroad and two of them the Badge "For Merits".

Posted: December 15, 2013