Five years of Czech PRT in ISAF, Afghanistan

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Commander of the 10th ACR Unit of the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Logar, ISAF, Colonel Josef Kopecky assumed an operational task from his predecessor Colonel Antonin Genser commanding the 9th ACR Unit PRT ISAF in Afghan Province of Logar on 14 August 2012.

The handover ceremony was held at the Shank U.S. Forward Operating Base in Logar, south of Kabul. Soldiers of the 10th Unit together with Czech civilian experts go on in improving quality of lives of Logar citizens not only by building and reconstructing the local infrastructure. They provide basic and advanced training for Afghan National Police personnel, distribute school supplies to children and in cooperation with the US Task Force BAYONET soldiers help build the secure environment.

The Czech Republic has lost two soldiers who had served with the PRT in Logar.

More than 1,400 Czech soldiers have rotated during five years at the Shank since the Czech Republic opened its own Provincial Reconstruction Team in Logar in March 2008. Each rotation size was 200-293 soldiers and 9-12 civilian experts. The average distance from Czech home bases to the Shank is 4.600 kilometres.

The Czech presence in ISAF commenced in 2004 when Czech military contingents served with the German Provincial Reconstruction Team in Fayzabad, the Badakshan Province.

Posted: August 20, 2012